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    Echo Heart Centre

    1 Manita House, Broad Avenue,
    Belle-Rose, Quatre Bornes

    The Echo Heart Centre was set up in December 2014 by Dr. Avin Calcutteea who is a highly specialised Cardiac Clinical Scientist in Echocardiography. The Centre offers in-depth diagnostic transthoracic Echocardiography of an international standard as recognised and offered across the United States and Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom. In addition to Echocardiography services, the centre also offers Carotid duplex ultrasound.

    Our mission is to beat heart disease through early identification of cardiac pathologies in a patient with a view to mitigate the risk of unwanted heart complications in the future.We are committed to excellence in clinical Echocardiography and its application to patient care through education, advocacy, research, innovation and excellent service to the public.

    With our specialised heart diagnostic services, we can detect about 95% of all types of cardiac diseases as well as determining their underlying causes, planning treatment strategies and preventing heart attack, stroke or even death.

    • Providing Doctors from all medical spheres with an updated and highly specialised echocardiography service for their patients.
    • Offering patients a specialised heart screening service comparable to that of reputable hospitals in the UK such as Royal Brompton and Hammersmith hospitals, where Dr. Calcutteea has previously offered similar services to a wide range of patients.
    • Providing specialist medical Doctors with instant access to valuable clinical cardiac information along with follow-up advice.
    • Providing a strong cardiac opinion to surgeons, oncologists or anesthetists before planning surgery, chemotherapy or other invasive procedure.
    • Offering a similar level of service at private clinics given the availability of portable equipment at the Centre.
    • Providing a comprehensive report to physicians on individual patients’ cardiac status. This is most important to determine appropriate courses of treatment and reduce the risk of adversely affecting heart conditions in the long term.
    • Offering regular specialised heart screening services and follow-ups of cardiac patients with the aim of facilitating the early identification of cardiovascular diseases.This approach has the broader objective of further reducing unwanted cardiac complications, leading eventually to a reduction in early death rate.
    • Educating physicians and surgeons on the usefulness and importance of having clinical echocardiography before a major medical treatment.